Real World Decentralized Finance

Amplify brings real-world assets to DeFi and rewards you with high yield for your liquidity

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Safe and Transparent

No minimum balance

No minimum balance required on your deposits. It's decentralized and open for everyone to join.


Unlike volatile crypto assets, Amplify's financing is backed by real-world invoices

Generous rewards

Providing liquidity earns you rewards in stablecoins and AMPT tokens

Advancing the Global Economy has it's Perks

Here’s just some of the benefits realized by the Amplify Community

Our awesome features

Lender Benefits

High Yield & Low Risk Investment Opportunities


Liquid investments into illiquid assets

Sustainable financing to support the global economy

Liquidity provision pool to self-insure

0.25-0.5% fee

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Borrower Benefits

Simple registration and request for financing through our partner

Easy access to liquidity

On-chain tokenization of invoices

Simple, fast, and inclusive, unlike the current financing system

Rewarded with the platform utility token $AMPT

0.5-1% fee

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Our awesome features

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